Weak 12: Empty Seats Greatly Outnumber Fans As NFL Treats Shrinking Number of Spectators to Protests, Fights, and Bad Football

More than a dozen NFL players went back to protesting against the country in the first NFL action since the Thanksgiving holiday. Not surprisingly, while the protests continued, fans continued to leave thousands of empty seats in stadiums across the league.

With players from at least ten teams once again speaking out against the U.S.A. in a variety of ways during the national anthem, photos of empty seats filled the Internet once again.

With the San Francisco 49ers playing at home and players once again mounting a protest during the anthem, fans stayed away in droves for the 49ers loss to the Seattle Seahawks:

The Indianapolis Colts were no better at filling seats during their 20-16 loss to the Tennessee Titans

Meanwhile, as the Cleveland Browns took a loss to their in-state rivals, the Cincinnati Bengals, fans left thousands of empty seats at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincy

The scene was even worse at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta as the Falcons toppled the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 34-20. Instead of a sea of fans, the cameras caught a sea of empty red seats:

Another sea of empty red stadium seats could be seen as the Buffalo Bills defeated the Kansas City Chiefs at home 16-10.

Similar scenes were found in other stadiums as well.

Protests and empty seats are not the only notable lapses in Week 12, though. As the Denver Broncos took on the Oakland Raiders, a fight broke out among the players. The resulting fracas saw three players ejected for their unfortunate behavior.

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