Trump Threatens Liberal Elite on Saudi Arabia Trip, “If I Catch One American…”

As Air Force One made its way to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, President Donald Trump addressed the swarm of press and his staffers aboard the plane. He made his expectations of every single one of them very clear. Our Commander in Chief recalled back to the “Barack Obama bow.” He wasn’t shy about threatening that any American who decided to bow would get what was coming to them.

As Trump was landing in Saudi Arabia, he did something that would shock the mainstream media as well as all staffers on board of Air Force One.

Media Conservative reported:

Trump knows that America is seen as weak and feckless after eight years of the Obama administration. Former President Barack Obama’s lovefest with Iran further destabilized the Middle East, and Trump knows, for this trip to be successful, he must show zero weakness.

Liberals were badly mistaken to think Trump’s tough stance on Islamic terrorism would cause the Muslim world to treat him with no respect. In fact, it’s proving just the opposite. Trump showed his strength, and when you’re dealing with those Muslim countries, they only respond to strength.

One of the reporters at the ceremony was none other than Fox News’ Senior White House Correspondent, Steven Cortes, and he wanted to set the record straight.

The mainstream media is full of conniving anti-Trumpers. Everything they stand for is everything that Trump is not. He has been able to pull off something that Barack Obama never could have.

Obama felt that honoring Islam and bowing down and apologizing to the Middle Eastern countries would help him form alliances. All he did instead was push the Islamic State and embolden Iran. His nuclear deal didn’t help either. Obama couldn’t seem to fathom that all he did was push these countries to disrespect America even further.

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