President Trump has set another new record.

In his first year in office, Trump has appointed four times as many federal appeal judges as Obama.

Obama managed to appoint three in his first year, while President Trump has appointed twelve! reports: Senate Republicans on Thursday confirmed President Donald Trump’s twelfth federal appeals court nominee, setting a record for the most circuit court picks confirmed in a president’s first year.

Why this matters: The federal courts carry significant weight in almost every area of policy: gun rights, executive power, LGBT rights, freedom of religion, etc, and have blocked multiple Trump initiatives in his first year. Trump’s picks of young, conservatives judges for the lifetime appointments will far outlast his presidency.

Background: Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy successfully appointed 11 appeals court judges in their first year.

Former President Barack Obama successfully appointed three appeals court judges in his first year in office in 2009, as well as Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. His predecessor, George W. Bush, got six confirmed.

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