America stuck in 107 day nightmare that is Trump Presidency

America stuck in 107 day nightmare that is Trump Presidency

Gremlin Trump
First of all, America stuck in 107 day nightmare that is Trump Presidency. As days pass go by some Americans are surprised we are still standing. Other’s are sure we won’t make it through a 4 year Trump Presidency. Some folks fall in between the two. Most everybody agrees this is a strange and scary time in America.

Trump Presidency in the history books

Americans are scared because it seems like we are living in an alternative universe. When this is all said and done, the Trump Presidency will be remembered as a dark time in American History. In addition, Trump has a knack for dividing not uniting people. He has also sparked a passion in people to rise up and have their voices be heard.

ReNew America Movement

The Daily Banner would like to call this new initiative of Americans being involved in government as the “ReNew America Movement.” We need to ReNew American values, ReNew American spirit and Renew American Freedoms. RAM should be the battle call going into the 2018 and 2020 elections. We need to take back our country.

The Damage has been done

It may take several decades to repair the damage that Trump has done to America. Trump has made it okay for people to openly disrespect each other. He has made it okay to insult one another. Trump has made it okay to disparage any thing you want. He has led people to believe that laws don’t matter in a Trump Presidency every time he talks against the Supreme Court.

New rules and regulations needed

New rules and regulations are needed for campaigning and elections. Candidates should not be allowed to openly lie like Donald Trump did. Lies should be fact checked and if a candidate openly lies, they should be disqualified.

American’s should be required to watch some kind of a fact checking show available to them through TV/Internet/Mobile setting them straight to the what is fact and what is fiction before they vote.

Finally, we should go back to paper voting because the electronic voting booths can be compromised. Paper votes cannot.

In conclusion

For America to get better, America needs to get back to basics and civility. If we don’t we are destined to repeat history. It we don’t get back to being civil to each other, we will find ourselves in a modern day civil war. Please post your thoughts and comments at the bottom of this article where it says comment. Watch last Sunday’s episode of Food For Thought’

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